What to Expect From a Film Production Program

If you’re interested in working in the film industry, but don’t want to be an actor, working in film production might be an awesome option for you. Film production programs can help you learn the ins and outs of this industry, making it possible for you have a better chance at getting a job in this highly competitive industry. Just what can you expect from a film production program? Let’s take a look at what your education will entail.

Film Production Specializations

In a film production program, you’ll typically learn about are parts of movie making with 101 level classes and then have the opportunity to specialize in a certain area with more advanced classes. Some areas of specialization include directing, editing, costume and makeup, sound mixing, and special effects.

Advantages to Film School

You don’t legally need a degree to work in the film industry. You can also work your way up the ladder by getting a job in the film industry and learning about the different aspects of film production first hand. However, earning a degree is often a much faster way to get involved in this very competitive field. During film school, you’ll also get the change to network with others and you might even be able to serve as an intern. Production programs also allow you to work on projects using school resources and with the help of other students; otherwise, it might be difficult to create films to build your portfolio and gain experience.

What are Film Production Programs Like?

Most film production programs allow you to get a taste of all areas of the film industry. You’ll analyze films, create films of your own, and explore new techniques and tools in the film industry. Many schools are require you to complete a final project before you graduate, and you might even have the chance to submit films you make or work on to national competitions. Most film production programs take about four years to complete, but this depends on your college and how many credits you take every semester. In some cases, especially if you attend school online, you’ll be able to take classes in a film prodcut program on a part-time basis while you also work full time or raise a family.

Top Online Film Production Schools

Full Sail University — The BS in Digital Cinematography degree from Full Sail University intertwines the concepts of traditional filmmaking with the technological tools of today. The MS in Education Media Design & Technology gears you for work teaching media at the secondary level, while the MFA in Media Design provides advanced training in designing using a variety of media components.
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The Art Institute of Pittsburgh — The Art Institute of Pittsburgh provides students with a dynamic program, the Bachelor of Science - Media Arts & Animation. The curriculum focuses on design, illustration, compositing, 3-D computer modeling, background design, scenic layout, and special effects. The institute is known worldwide for graduating proven leaders ready to succeed. Graduates work as animators, 3-D modelers, and graphic artists.
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